We love working with our ZonLister family, helping them towards making a better life and realising their dreams. Here's a few of the people we have helped to do just that!

J. Martin

Amazon Seller

I learned the basics of Amazon through free YouTube videos and launched my first product. Luckily, a friend requested that I see Nat just as I was starting sales. She helped my listing and ranking with valuable information that I hadn't found in the free videos. After that first meeting, I never again questioned the value of a coach to give targeted, up to date strategies to incorporate into my business. The techniques that she taught helped me earn the "best seller" badge in my category and take me to over $20,000 profit in my first six months.

R. Breeze

Amazon Seller

We reached out to ZonLister in the early stages of our business development and it was a great decision. Nat has been a fantastic mentor and is extremely knowledgeable in strategies to get your Amazon business moving in the right direction.

M. Davies

Amazon Seller

Professional, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with are the qualities I would use to describe Zonlister. As an Amazon seller I engaged Zonlister to assist with my account and navigate the complicated marketplace that is Amazon. I was provided both exceptional customer service and results. Nat's knowledge of Amazon and it's back end intricacies are second to none. We experienced a problem with our listing which was frankly scary and Nat's calm handling of the situation more than saved the day. The results were measurable with instant improvements in our ranking, sales and conversion. I can't think of anyone better to guide myself and others through the maze of Amazon. And thank you Zonlister, it makes the journey so much more enjoyable when you are in our corner!

J. Cranfield

Amazon Seller

It is my absolute pleasure to have this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for everything that Natalie has and continues to assist me with in my Amazon business. I am such a big picture person and find parts of my business a real challenge especially when I have to face navigating through Seller Central. Nat sits calmly and with great patience helps me to understand and succeed in moving to the next goal post. She is a gold mine when it comes to this business and if she doesn’t know something or something has changed in Seller Central, she is quick to find out and give you clear feedback. An added bonus for me is that we both live in Perth and can meet up for sessions.

Steve Mummery


Nat has been on the fore-front of Amazon for many years now. She's taken the hits when Amazon changes the rules. She's recovered. She's learnt lessons. She is now equipped to take anyone through the process of building an online business.