Coaching Call

Seller Central Walk Through

1 hour - $150

30 mins - $80

You've opened a Seller Central Account and have no idea where to start?


Don't waste hours trying to find your way .. let us walk you through where everything is and how it all works!


Depending on how much you want to learn in this 30 minute or 1 hour coaching call, we can take you on a tour of Seller Central, showing you what is where, how to access your business reports, important areas to check your business metrics, how to create a shipping plan, how to communicate with your buyers and with Amazon and much much more. You can easily spend hours of your valuable time trying to figure it all out or let us show you how in just a few clicks.


Choose a 30 minute or 1 hour call and we can walk you through any of your choice of the following:


  • How do I list a product?

  • How do I create a Shipping Plan?

  • How do I access my business reports?

  • How do I communicate with buyers?

  • How can I get help from Amazon? 

  • Where can I see my orders?

  • How do I get reviews?

  • How do I set up a promotion?

  • How can I see my payments?

  • Where can I upload my images?

  • What does my Inventory Performance Index mean?

  • Plus anything else you need to know!



Want to save on coaching? ​

Some Amazon Coaching programs charge up to $30,000 for 12 months, not everyone has the budget for that.


Our affordable one on one confidential sessions are fully tailored specifically to where you're at in your Amazon journey. Don't be bound by a group schedule. Book your sessions quarterly, monthly, weekly or in half day sessions, whatever suits you. Everyone's journey is different and will have different needs at different times.


Buy a coaching bundle and get 6 x 1 hour calls for $600, just $100 per session! 

* all prices quoted exclude GST