Product Viability Assessment

Will It Sell On Amazon? 

$397 per marketplace

Got a product but want to know how suitable it is to sell on Amazon?

With our Product Viability Assessment we'll help you decide if selling on Amazon is the right option for this product. If not, we can talk through things you can do to make it a viable and competitive option in your chosen marketplace. Through this process you will walk away with a tonne of learning! We will teach you the important things to look out for when choosing a product to sell on Amazon, things to avoid, what to be aware of and actions you can take to ensure your long term success on the platform!

All you need to do is answer and few questions about your product then we'll run it through our extensive product research process.  

Following the Assessment, we will spend an hour together over Zoom to discuss the pros, cons and suggestions for the best way to move forward. The sorts of things we will uncover:

  • Is your product financially viable to sell on Amazon? If not, why and how can we fix that?

  • What are the fees and costs involved?

  • Is there existing demand for your product?

  • How competitive is the market?

  • Will your product require any certifications or need approval to sell on Amazon?

  • How can you make your product stand out from the rest?

  • How much stock will you need to get started?

  • What is the best way to launch this product profitably?

Important Note: On first contact, if we believe your product is not suited to selling on Amazon at all, we won't charge you for this service and will be happy to give you this advice up front for free.

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