Creating An Amazon Listing

Listing Optimisation


Have a new product you want to sell but have no idea how to write a listing that's fully optimized to sell on Amazon or the implications of getting it wrong from the start?

Or maybe you have a listing that's just not converting as well as you had hoped?


We know what you need to build a successful listing that customers can not only find but will convert to a sale. With our guidance let's work together to build a listing that is fully optimized, loaded correctly and within Amazon's strict Terms of Service.


All you need is your product information, specs, your target market, product images and we'll guide you from there!


In this package we:

  • research the best category and browse node for your product

  • run extensive keyword research

  • run a full competitor analysis

  • write a suggested product title, bullet points and product description that is fully optimized for ranking and conversion.

  • put together a suggested list of SEO-rich backend keywords based on your category, browse tree guide, inventory file templates and keyword research

  • offer suggestions for your graphics to ensure they will beat your competition! 

$547 + GST

$  97 + GST (load listing onto Amazon)