About Nat

Meet Nat, a Mum of three, 20 years experience in Media and Event Management & Founder of Zonlister, an Amazon Coaching & Listing Service passionate about helping new sellers and established brands based in Australia get listed on Amazon quickly and profitably.

After a busy career, Nat was desperate for a change in her life that would allow her the freedom to spend more quality time with her family & loved ones.

A woman on a mission & the desire to leave the corporate world, Nat & her partner John set out on their new business venture with Amazon, launching their very first products on Amazon in the US. Following the success not long after Nat & John were invited to be apart of the launch of the much anticipated Amazon Australia launch in December 2017.

Following a number of extreme challenges that were outside of Nat & Johns control, not only did they learn just how challenging the platform can be but Nat who ran the day to day operations of the business learnt many valuable lessons and insights about the inner workings of the platform, Amazon.

With this knowledge, learnings & experience gained, Nat soon found herself as a passionate & driven leader, educating other sellers to find a way through the rough times & challenges that business faces.

After investing tens of thousands of dollars into training and trial and error on the latest 'hacks', tools and courses, Nat can gently and honestly guide you through the good and the bad, avoiding the same costly mistakes most new sellers make.

With their own first-hand experience in every aspect of selling Private Label products on Amazon, she can offer expert advice on many aspects of manufacturing, listing and selling products.

Nat herself is consistently up to date with the ever-changing landscape of Amazon and the challenges within it.

Together you can work alongside her to ensure you are on the right track from the start of your selling journey. Nat approaches her clients with the utmost honesty, integrity and respect so you can always be assured she has your best interests at heart.

At Zonlister, your investment of time and money into this venture is highly valued and for this reason we’re extremely passionate about ensuring you have every opportunity to succeed on your journey!

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About John


“Failing to plan is planning to fail”.  These seven words speak to one of the biggest mistakes people make in both their business and personal lives. John has spent 20+ years in the Oil and Gas industry helping businesses and professionals frame up an opportunity to understand the value, the potential risks and the strategies they need to implement to create the sorts of mind blowing capital return they generate.


Now that just jumping in and ‘giving it a crack’ is no longer a viable option for the E-Commerce world, knowing where you want to go and then working up a plan to get you there is essential to succeeding.


Understanding the risks, the opportunities, the assumptions and the key decisions you need to make over a set timeframe will give you confidence to take on the ecommerce jungle known as Amazon.  


In a few short hours, using techniques he’s honed facilitating many strategy workshops for billion dollar projects, John will guide you through a course of discovery understanding what is important to you, your personal goals, your business goals and identifying the strategies required to achieving at both.


John has created a proprietary Decision Making Confidence tool that will help you as you come to make the many key decisions that will be required. Knowing that you are making the best quality decision possible at the time will help calm your nerves and will make you think of the necessary areas to drive success.


Knowing you have people to call on who have been there, had the highs and also had the lows of Amazon and online selling is truly ‘priceless’. Using tools that are only normally available to billion dollar energy companies puts you at a distinct strategic advantage over those that will be come and gone leaving behind their savings and the opportunities that do exist.