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So that you can achieve your goals, conquer your dreams and live the life you know you deserve.

"The techniques that she taught helped me earn the "best seller" badge in my category and take me to over $20,000 profit in my first six months."

J.Martin, Amazon Seller

"Nat's knowledge of Amazon and it's back end intricacies are second to none.
We experienced a problem with our listing which was frankly scary and Nat's calm handling of the situation more than saved the day. The results were measurable with instant improvements in our ranking, sales and conversion. I can think of no one better to guide myself and others through the maze of Amazon."

M.Davies, Amazon Seller


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About us

Hi, we're Nat & John and we've been selling together

on Amazon since 2017.

Our journey is a little different from most coaches. Following a series of extreme challenges on Amazon, not only did we learn how brutal the platform was, we also learnt many valuable lessons and insights about the inner workings of Amazon.


With this knowledge and experience, our passion for helping other sellers find their way successfully through the Amazon platform grew.

It is now our passion and privilege to offer an end to end service for Australian based brand owners who want to list, launch and sell their products successfully on Amazon globally.

Why choose us?

We're Australian based sellers

  • Experienced

  • Knowledgeable

  • Connected

We work in your local timezone.

We charge in Australian $ so you're not losing on currency conversions.

We’re an Australian Company too, so we know what you need to sell on Amazon globally.

We have an existing network of high quality contacts, services and sellers we can connect you with.

We know what it takes to successfully launch an Australian Brand outside of Australia.

If you're new to Amazon, we've got your back!

  • Avoid mistakes

  • See results faster

  • Increase growth

We’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on training, webinars, podcasts and summits.

We’ve already made the expensive mistakes most new sellers make, we can help you avoid them.

You won’t need to spend endless hours of your valuable time trying to figure things out.

We can guide you through the minefield of misinformation about selling on Amazon.  

We operate with honesty and integrity. We understand the full value of your investment of time and money and while we celebrate the opportunities that Amazon presents, we will never sugarcoat the opportunity. We will fully prepare you for the challenges and will help guide you through them as they arise.

This is not an easy, get rich quick scheme and it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a long term opportunity to build a legitimate business based on good planning, hard work and commitment we are here to guide you at every step.

Already on Amazon but want to do better?

  • Improve sales

  • Increase profits

  • Discuss strategy

  • Achieve goals

You’ve done the courses, got your product live and still have questions? We can help.

If you have started and lost your way, our expertise and guidance on Goal Setting and Strategy will help get you back on the right path to success.

Our extensive knowledge & experience with Keyword Research, Listing Optimisation and the Amazon Algorithm will help you rank, convert and sell.

Through our personal experience we can offer advice on the challenges you will face - IP Protection, Patents, Trademarks, Hijacker Removal, Retail Contributions and more.

We can give you access to our list of tried and tested suppliers, resources and software tools saving you wasted time and money.

Need a sounding board for your big decisions? We can guide you through Product Research, Product Viability, Inventory and Cash Flow Management, ways to Scale Your Business and any other big decisions you need to make.

Need more time to spend on scaling your business? Get your time back with our Ongoing Management Services. Let us sweat the small stuff so you don't have to!

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